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vendredi 27 juillet 2012

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TIMESAVERS for specializes in printable, often-used classroom forms, report card comments, spelling activities, practical teacher tools, worksheets and downloadable teaching materials designed to save teachers valuable time.



15 Minutes Par Jour Pour Apprendre L’Anglais

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Langue : Français
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 Être pro en anglais



Etre pro en anglais
Deuxième titre de la collection Vos atouts métier, cet ouvrage propose une démarche inédite pour être à l’aise en anglais professionnel. Coach en communication à l’international, l’auteur accompagne le lecteur pas à pas dans le développement de ses aptitudes à communiquer en anglais. Partant du constat que les difficultés à parler anglais sont des freins à la communication professionnelle plus que des questions linguistiques, elle propose, dans une démarche progressive, des outils pratiques immédiatement utilisables, assortis de tests d’auto- évaluation et de nombreux exercices, afin de permettre au lecteur de se sentir à l’aise en anglais et avant tout à l’aise en communiquant au travail.
ISBN : 2212543522
Editeur(s) : Eyrolles
Parution : 2009
Genre : Langue
Langue : Français
Format : Pdf - Project Management Fundamentals 


12 Idioms about time, better later than never (2012)

Idioms about time are versatile and used frequently in everyday situations.
Due to their abstract nature, many native speakers and ESL learners are left wondering what are idioms,
and what exactly do they mean?
Here are 12 time-related idioms and expressions along with explanations and examples.

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12  Most Misunderstood Words


Most misunderstood words are born in spoken speech; at one time, they would only gradually bleed into writing. Whether due to an honest typo or a flat out error, confusion in grammar and misunderstood words can now fly across the planet at lightning speed, thanks to email forwarding and “copy/paste” in social media. Continued exposure to misuse or improper spelling can even replace words that were carefully hammered into our heads while we originally learned to speak and write them.

Dictionary companies will grudgingly add/alter meanings if English speakers grab onto something and won’t let go, but this doesn’t happen often, and they are firm when it comes to simple misunderstandings. In this list of commonly misunderstood words, the definitions are unyielding and unlikely to change, no matter how often they are misused.

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UK vs US spelling: Separated by a Common Language


Communicating with friends across the pond is a perpetual problem. American and British spelling differences include simple changes that affect the meaning, pronunciation and use of words. Today, native and non-native English speakers are the largest group in the world, but the dialects they speak are shockingly different. Linguists have pinpointed the transition to today’s English to sometime during the 1800s.
Noah Webster, the creator of the first and most prestigious American dictionary, published his first lexicon dedicated to US spelling and pronunciation in 1828. British spelling differences and pronunciations are easy to see for ESL students and anyone who interacts with English speakers across the ocean. Here are several examples of common British spelling differences and their US counterparts.

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10 Hyphenation Tips



Hyphenation is like kitchen spice: use them correctly, and they can sharpen writing and give it a better texture. When used incorrectly or overused, they can garble the piece and make it difficult to read.

Hyphenation Rules
Hyphen errors in a written piece are usually only distracting, but they can detract from clarity, whether by wrong placement or omission. Some writers boggle at these little pieces of punctuation and attempt to write in such a way to avoid them, but this is a shame, as hyphens can be handy.
These ten hyphen rules have been sorted into two tidy piles: when to use them and when to leave them out, or “Yes” and “No”

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10 Animal Idioms and Their Meanings (2012)



Humans and animals have a long history. The behavior of animals and their interactions in modern-day situations have inspired a variety of zoological idioms and expressions that are applied to people and everyday circumstances. Here are 10 animal idioms to ponder.

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 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

It’s a list of 15 words that can be hard to distinguish if you are not used to their proper meanings. The infographic is called 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly, and it is intended to help you understand and learn the true meaning and differences between these words. One thing we should always remember is that if we always do our best, we are constantly learning. Try to have a bit of patience with people who don’t immediately know and are subject to a eureka moment. I assure you, they won’t learn quicker just because they get bashed for every mistake they happen to make, quite the contrary. No one knows it all. Even brilliant writers like J.R.R. Tolkien have proof readers to correct any potential mistakes made in their text. Always remember, no one is perfect.

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