vendredi 27 juillet 2012

Aeronautics علم الطيران


2- Military Flight Aptitude Tests (3rd Edition)

  • Grades: continuing-education
  • Subject: Test Prep
  • File Type: application/pdf
  • File size: 10.58 Mb

  • Description: From top gun to routine flights, Military Flight Aptitude Tests, 3rd Edition prepares candidates with the key information they need in order to excel on their exams, including: Mechanical comprehension; Spatial apperception; Cyclic orientation; Instrument comprehension; Aviation and nautical information; Reading and verbal skills practice; Math knowledge; Electrical and hidden mazes and other visual material; Table and chart reading; General science basics; Data interpretation; And more! - Project Management Fundamentals


1- Amateur-built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook


PDF, 0.79 MB - Project Management Fundamentals


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